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For nearly 15 years I have worked to support folks as they navigate career transition anxieties, explore new challenges, seek a salary that reflects their value, leave toxic workplaces, and find a position where they can thrive.

Career transitions can feel difficult when you are doing it alone.

I am here to help.

I am able to act as your accountability partner while helping you get savvy with networking best practices, provide the tools to help you navigate the current job market, identify your talents and skills, and motivate you to move forward in your career.


Let’s get started…

To get us started, let’s schedule your 30 minute complimentary Discovery Call.

We will discuss where you are currently, and where you are headed for your future.

This will give us time to figure out the best way I can help you.


I’m savvy to the fact that everyone’s career path is as unique as they are.

I also know, how important it is for everyone to have knowledge of what I call Career Seeker Foundations. No matter the package, we will cover the basics of a modern job search and the three pillars of the Career Seeker Foundations.


Resume Development

We'll work together to trace your career story - from where you've been to where you are going.

I'll help you pull out your greatest strengths, talents and passions.

Together, we'll create targeted versions of your resume that showcase your rich work history and how it matches the needs for the roles you’re applying for.


I have a unique approach to interviewing that has proven successfully to hundreds of my clients.

Is it an interview, is it a meeting?

Answering this question will ease stress, empower you to prepare before the big day, and get your interview ready.

Personal Branding

Those who master the art of personal branding know the positive impact it can have within their career transitions.

Expand your networking, build your clientele naturally by showcasing your expertise, personality and talents.

A strong brand will automatically open up opportunities for you.


After working with Heather and following her advice, I finally started receiving interview invitations and I’ve accepted a great position.

I highly recommend Heather; her services are worth the investment.

Cindy S.


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